Dalhousie University Library: Twitter

The Twitter link is somewhat difficult to find on the Dalhousie Libraries homepage. I had to scroll down about a page to locate the links, and I was initially confused when I tried to click on the Twitter logo, because the picture of the logo is not a link.  Instead, the links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are listed below the pictures.   I found this to be a little bit counter-intuitive.  I think that the usability of these links would be improved if the logos for these tools linked to the website. 

Twitter itself is a pretty simple tool.  It really is just a running list of short messages, and I think even new users can look at the tool and immediately understand what its purpose is.

Dalhousie University Library does a very good job of actively communicating with its users through Twitter.  The librarians actively respond to student tweets.  For example, a student tweeted that he had graduated on April 4th, and the library responded with congratulations.  Another student complained about the temperature, and the library also responded to this tweet.  However, they were unable to change the temperature.   Lindy Brown’s webpage  about Twittering libraries notes that one of the goals of using Twitter in libraries is to connect with users.  Dalhousie University is certainly doing this.

Dalhousie University Library uses Twitter to announce new services, such as 3D printing (on a side note, the use of 3D printing just made Dalhousie University Library “innovators” according to Michael Stephens’ April 9th blog post).  New books and events are also posted on the Dalhousie University Library’s Twitter feed.  I believe that Dalhousie University has done a great job of integrating its services with Twitter.

I would certainly use this tool if I was a patron of the Dalhousie Library.  The librarians post interesting events and news, and they also respond to their users’ posts.  I would follow this library’s posts, and I would also likely participate by asking questions if I needed to because I would be sure to get an answer.


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